In the mid-15th century, the cows from the provinces of North Holland and West Friesland in the North of the Netherlands produced especially abundant dairy. And the cows were officially named Holstein Cows. The local people mainly lived on the husbandry and constantly tried to produce higher amount of milk.
In the year of 1887, with the development of of the dairy business in Campina, five farmers established another company independently, which became the Unisono B.V. later.
In the 19th century, DutchCow became the first unique brand name in the world which was named after the place and cow. DutchCow was admited by the Dutch royal family with its excellent dairy quality which it consistently insist on in 1894 and ordered as the dedicated milk for royal family.
DutchCow formally entered Chinese market in 1990 and its main products were the milk for adults. Unisono B.V. became one of the earliest enterprises in China which imported dairy. It was sold in 260 cities over the country. The current products covered 3 series such as liquid milk, milk powder for adults, milk powder for infants.
During the years from 1996 to 1998, Unisono B.V. and Campina in Netherland established a joint venture company to operate Chinese market. DutchCow had opened 25 agencies in 25 cities in China, including Shanghai and Guangzhou. There are 35 cities for distribution, and the number of national distribution stores in the nation reached 12,000.
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