● In the middle period of the 15th century, dairy cow yield in North Holland and West Friesland was extremely abundant. And the cow was officially named as Holstein cow. Local residents made a living by depending on the animal husbandry and tried their best to constantly increase high milk production.
● In 1885, Holstein-Friesian Association of America was founded.
● In 1887, with the development of Campina Dairy Enterprise, five farmers lived in a separate house and autonomously founded an enterprise, called as Holland Unison Company.

● In 1894, DutchCow brand always upheld the quality of Holland Holstein cow, received approval of Royal Dutch and was determined as the dedicated royal milk.
● In 1898, DutchCow was prevailing and fashionable in Holland. The classical quality was favored by Queen Wilhelmina who gave it to her daughter Juliana to drink it for long time.
● In 1980, the firstborn daughter of Queen Juliana—Beatrix succeeded to the throne. In memory of Queen Wilhelmina, DutchCow brand was carrying forward and became prevailing again.

● In 1988, Holland Unison Company was merged and reorganized. Change of the organizational framework enabled the brand to look for the better development extension, thus Unison Company valued the Chinese market.
● In 1990, DutchCow brand entered into China. The Chinese agent was British Jardine Matheson.
● In 1996-1998, Holland Unison Company operated the Chinese market. DutchCow established offices in 25 cities, including Shanghai and Guangzhou and distributed in 35 cities. There were 12000 retail shops around the country.

● In 2007, the Global Foods Co., Ltd started taking responsible for the Chinese marketing activity of DutchCow.
● In November 2007, Synutra International Group merged the Global Foods Co., Ltd.
● In November 2008, 8 single products of new packaging in DutchCow milk powders were newly listed in 260 cities of China.

● In August-November 2010, 4 single products of DutchCow milk powder 400g were listed.
● In 2011, DutchCow liquid milk started trial marketing.
● In the end of 2012, after DutchCow infant formula milk powders in Chinese were produced in French original packaging, they were officially delivered to China for marketing.


● Industry 4.0 Modern Factory
● Covering an area of 14 hectares
● Building area of 38,000 square meters
● The maximum production capacity is 120,000 tons
● France's largest dairy producer in the EU
● Brittany France Ranch Core Area
● 30,000 square kilometers of natural pasture
● 5 million tons of high quality milk supply
● Cold chain transport below 4 degrees
● Third-party full-test inspection before fresh milk enters the factory
Fresh milk delivered to the factory within 4 hours
● Central Laboratory of China-EU Double Standards
● Production process 0 manual intervention


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